Event Program



Opening Ceremony

10.30am – 11.15am  (UTC +9)

Jeonbuk Region - Carbon Fiber Industry Support

1.50pm – 2pm (UTC +9)

Development and Commercialization of Hydrogen Pressure Tank

2pm – 2.25pm (UTC +9)

  • Design of Liner and Tank
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Strategic Cost Analysis

Speaker: Sung Kyu HA, Professor @ Hanyang University

High-pressure container made of carbon composite materials for hydrogen vehicles

2.25pm – 2.50pm (UTC +9)

  • Hydrogen storage technology
  • Ultra-light composite container
  • Carbon composites high-pressure container for hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles

Speaker: Gye Hyoung YOO, Team Leader @ ILJIN hysolus

Introduction to Composite Lattice Structure for Satellite Launch Vehicle and Conformable Hydrogen Storage Pressure Vessel

2.50pm – 3.15pm (UTC +9)

  • Composite lattice structure that can apply to launch vehicle and guided weapons
  • Hydrogen electric vehicle that can share platform with electric vehicles
  • Conformable Hydrogen storage tank that can secure space

Speaker: Young Dae DOH, Vice President @ Hankuk Fiber

Technology development and Market Status of PEM Fuel Cell in Korea

3.15pm – 3.40pm (UTC +9)

  • A hydrogen and fuel cells are attracting attention as the new energy sources
  • A fuel cell system consists of a fuel processor, a cell stack, an inverter, and BOPs.
  • Domestic fuel cell market is expected to make a rapid growth according to government’s strong policies.

Speaker: Min Seok KIM, CTO @ S-Fuelcell

Separator Technology and Market Outlook of Hi-Nickel Cathode Li Ion Battery (LIB)

3.40pm – 4.05pm (UTC +9)

  • Does Enerever currently have the technology of a separator to make a safe battery without fire/explosion?
  • Is a safe separator ultimately a double-sided coated separator capable of controlling the safety and dendrite phenomenon in advance?
  • Is it possible to succeed in the market by creating a perfect coating separator that can drive 800km and 1000km a just on 1 charge?


H2 tank reinforcements yielding 15% weight & cost improvements

4.05pm – 4.25pm (UTC +9)

  • Type 4 composite tanks require a lot of carbon fibre that drives up cost
  • Reinforcing tank dome areas yields 15% improvement in cost, weight, and process time

Speaker: Florian LENZ, Technical Director @ CEVOTEC

Cetim's R&D programme for hydrogen technology: thermoplastic composite pressure vessels

4.25pm – 4.55pm (UTC +9)

  • Overview of Cetim’s activities to support the industrial development of hydrogen technologies
  • Innovation requirement for hydrogen storage
  • The 700 bar thermoplastic composite pressure vessel development project

Speaker: Jérémy VIALE, PhD Engineer in Polymers Processing @ CETIM

How much strength of the fibre can be transferred to the component? Are UD tapes the future?

5pm – 5.20pm (UTC +9)

  • Thermoplastic composites
  • UD tape
  • Filament winding

Speaker: Markus BRZESKI, CEO @ A+ Composites

Developments in the area of fibre composites in the automotive and aviation industries - a cluster approach

5.20pm – 5.40pm (UTC +9)

  • MAI Carbon – Leading Edge Cluster in Bavaria
  • Developments in the area of fiber composites in the automotive and aviation industries
  • Cross sectoral approach of Composites United e.V. in Germany

Speaker: Sven BLANCK, Managing Director @ MAI Carbon

Virtual process chain for carbon fibre-reinforced SMC materials

5.40pm – 6pm (UTC +9)

  • Presentation of simulation methods for an efficient design with SMC materials
  • Virtual process chain consisting of mould filling and warpage simulation
  • Use-cases focusing on electric mobility and aerospace applications

Speaker: Benedikt FENGLER, Managing Director @ Simutence


Korea's hydrogen policy and status of the hydrogen industry

9.30am – 10am (UTC +9)

  • Korea’s hydrogen policy
  • Korea’s hydrogen economy roadmap
  • Direction of future hydrogen mobility developments

Speaker: Nak-Hyun KWON, Technical Specialist of R&D Division – General Director of Business Coordination Centre @ Hyundai Motor company – H2KOREA

Startup Booster Pitching Session

10am – 11am (UTC +9)


Sponsored by KITA

Discover the 5 finalists’ startup of Startup Booster, the leading startup competition in Composites & Advanced Materials

Startups: Carbonhexa, Dongnam Realize, Eflow, Micro-Composite, CtoC Materials

Jury: Sunkung PARK (KITA), Chi-Hoon CHOI (Hyundai Motor Group), Changsoo PARK (Korea Carbon & Nano Industry Association), Hansol SHIN (L&S Venture Capital)

Key aspects of drawings, material specs, and process specs for composites

11am – 11.30am (UTC +9)

  • Learning basic design practice knowledge for composite products by reviewing the key points of drawings, material/process specs for composites
  • Reviewing the structure of drawings, material/process specs for composites
  • Understanding relationships between drawings, material/process specs for composites

Speaker: Shuichiro YOSHIDA, CEO @ FRP Consultant Corporation

Recycled carbon fibre meeting SDG targets with a low LCA value

11.30am – 12pm (UTC +9)

  • New carbon fibre pyrolysis process getting into mass production
  • The product meets SDGs due to good processability in compounding and RTM with perfect recovery of mechanical properties
  • The key technology is based on the use of a heat treatment temperature below 480°C in the gas flow *Resin Transfer Moulding

Speaker: Morihiko SUGINO, CEO @Fuji Design

Synergy as a key part of success in the composite industry

3pm – 3.20pm (UTC +9)

  • Future of railway
  • Mobility
  • Synergy

Speaker: Viktor BREJCHA, Ing. BcA – Composite Specialist @ Siemens

Returning to production with AI-based scheduling, gaining manufacturing agility

3.20pm – 3.40pm (UTC +9)

  • How automation allows to smoothly adapt to the recent global uncertainties and cut operational costs
  • How AI-based scheduling algorithms create new opportunities for advanced manufacturers
  • How end-to-end digitization and manufacturing agility enable enhanced productivity, quality and efficiency

Speaker: Avner BEN-BASSAT, President & CEO @ Plataine

Rapid 3D microwave printing of continuous carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites

3.40pm – 4pm (UTC +9)

  • Microwave heating-assisted high-speed printing technology
  • Load-dependent printing path planning
  • Continuous carbon fibre-reinforced lightweight bionic structures

Speaker: Nanya LI, Young investigator group preparation programme-funded fellow @ KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Why using the right technology is so important in composite lamination. The never-ending story of ATL vs. AFP

4pm – 4.30pm (UTC +9)

  • ATL vs. AFP
  • The economics behind composite fabrication decisions
  • Aerospace business cases in composites automation

Speaker: Manu MOTILVA, Technical Sales & Business Development Manager @ MTORRES

CFIP technology: a new approach for manufacturing continuous carbon fibre-reinforced structures by 3D printing

4.30pm – 4.50pm (UTC +9)

  • Continuous fibre-reinforced 3D printing
  • Fibre trajectories in all directions
  • Wide variety of materials, including metals

Speaker: Marc CRESCENTI, Head of the Advanced Simulation line @ Eurecat

Sustainable lightweighting solutions for the future of mobility

4.50pm – 5.10pm (UTC +9)

  • High-performance natural fibre technologies
  • Significantly reduced weight (<50%) and plastics (<70%) with maintained performance in automotive interiors
  • The powerRibs™ technology is used for applications from satellite panels to F1 racing seats

Speaker: Marek JANCIK, Manager Automotive @ Bcomp

First results of the ScrapSeRO Project (From Scrap to Secondary Resources – Highly Orientated Wet-Laid Nonwovens from CFRP Waste)

5.10pm – 5.30pm (UTC +9)

  • Recycled carbon fibre
  • Fibre orientation
  • Wet laying

Speaker: Jakob WOELLING, Head of Composites Recycling Department @ Fraunhofer IGCV

Development and characterization of continuous-fibre thermoplastic UD tapes with virgin PET and recycled PET matrices

5.30pm – 5.50pm (UTC +9)

  • Introduction to continuous thermoplastic composites
  • Advantages of thermoplastic composites
  • Case studies

Speaker: Ana Isabel CRESPO SOLER, Technologies Manager @ Aimplas


CarbonHouse : Towards a Carbon Ontology

9am – 9.30am (UTC +9)

  • The macro issues of building and energy use forecast for coming decades: a doubling of buildings by mid-century
  • Why the hydrocarbon legacy channelled into composite buildings offers an alternative material paradigm that would have significant environmental and economic benefit at civilizational scale and in a short timeframe
  • Research into emerging morphologies of CNT, graphene and CFoam (CarbonHouse) : how composites might be applied to the construction sector
  • perspectives on embodied and in-use energy, life cycle analysis, etc will offer a compelling “why?” as to the benefit composite buildings might offer

Speaker: Mark GOULTHORPE, Associate Professor @ MIT Dept Architecture

Thermoplastic composites and the winds of change

9.30am – 10am (UTC +9)

  • The massive use of composites in the wind industry is creating a massive, non-recyclable waste problem
  • Cost-effective, robotic, mobile single-tow fibre placement with recyclable thermoplastics is essential to increasing structural efficiency and removing cost barriers
  • Orbital Composites has created a scalable robotic 3D printing system that is adaptive to the needs of the modern wind industry

Speaker: Cole NIELSEN, Founder & CTO @ Orbital Composites

Startup Booster Awards Ceremony

10am – 10.30am (UTC +9)


Sponsored by KITA

Discover the winner of Startup Booster, the leading startup competition in Composites & Advanced Materials

Speaker: Dongki Lee (Korea International Trade Association)

Uncomplicated repair of damaged fibre composites: prospects and challenges

11am – 11.30am (UTC +9)

  • CFRP laminates are susceptible to impact damage
  • Barely visible impact damage could initiate further damage with time
  • Barely visible impact damage may be repaired with a new, uncomplicated resin-injection process rinting system that is adaptive to the needs of the modern wind industry

Speaker: Kheng-Lim GOH, Associate Professor – Director of Research @ Newcastle University Singapore

Development of the Vetal drone

11.30am – 12pm (UTC +9)

  • Multi-material composites design
  • Creative collaboration
  • One-stop supply solution

Speaker: Danu Chotikapanich, CEO @ Cobra International

Composites Exchange: Development of high-performance PET, organic fibers & biodegradable technologies

1pm – 2pm (UTC +9


Organized by KOFOTI

  • Research and Development Trend of Novel High-performance PET Fibers for Advanced Safety Vehicles (ASV)
    Speaker: Wan-Gyu HAHM, Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Industrial Techonology (KITECH)
  • High-performance Organic fiber trend and application
    Speaker: Gilwoo JEON, Senior Researcher, Korea Textile Development Institute(KTDI)
  • R&F Chemical : Providing Better Human Health & Global Environment with Innovative Technology
    Speaker:Peter PARK, CEO, R&F Chemical

Epoxy solutions for future sustainability

2.30pm – 3pm (UTC +9)

  • Composite for e-transpotation
  • high performance epoxy resin for mobilities
  • Bio epoxy resin for the future sustainability

Speaker: Chong Soo James PARK, Chairman @ Kukdo Chemicals/KCANIA

Sustainability of Airbus composite aircraft

3pm – 3.20pm (UTC +9)

  • Sustainability in design
  • Sustainability in manufacturing
  • Sustainability in operations
  • Sustainability at end of life

Speaker: Pedro NOGUEROLES VIÑES, Senior Expert in airframe design  @ Airbus

Sustainable aviation enabled by composite technologies and focusing on holistic life cycle approaches

3.20pm – 3.40pm (UTC +9)

  • Sustainable composites
  • Eco-efficient production
  • Circular economy

Speaker: Marc Fette, CEO Composite Technology Centre @ CTC GmbH (an AIRBUS Company)

Advanced manufacturing of tailored thermoplastic composites

3.40pm – 4pm (UTC +9)

  • Tape laying technology
  • Consolidation
  • Resource-efficient tailored blank production

Speaker: Marco Hahn, Director Sales Business Unit Forming @ Dieffenbacher

Fast and flexible automation for E-mobility

4pm – 4.20pm (UTC +9)

  • An automated and digital system to manufacture composite tailored blank laminates
  • System can handle dry fibre, thermoplastic or prepreg composite material, in UD tape or fabric form, and also core materials, surface film, metal layers or recycled materials
  • No programming needed: design file and material data are automatically and on-the-fly turned into machine code and process settings

Speaker: Marcus Kremers, CTO @ AIRBORNE

Optimizing truly robust designs for safer lightweight products and production at rate across automotive and aerospace

4.20pm – 4.50pm (UTC +9)

  • Intro to robust design optimization using stochastic topology optimization
  • 10x workflow gains using latest-generation optimization algorithms
  • How to gain a competitive edge with robustly optimized innovative products

Speaker: André Wilmes , CEO & Co-founder @ Rafinex

Innovative Solution for Welding (ISW) for structural applications in aeronautics

4.50pm – 5.10pm (UTC +9)

  • Presentation of the technology
  • Targeted applications and mechanical performance
  • Ongoing development and roadmap

Speaker: Jérôme Raynal, Aeronautics & Composites Director @ IS GROUPE

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