Students Program


Demand for young, committed engineers who are well-trained is high among composite-material manufacturers. To meet this demand, JEC Korea is teaming up with MAI Carbon to offer a brand-new Student Program that keeps abreast of composite-industry needs.

The Student Program targets students who want to supplement their course studies by learning more about fiber-reinforced composites. The two-part program includes workshops with a focus on theoretical foundations and a through, and a guided tour through the JEC Korea trade show and the innovation planet.

In 2019 the main aim of the Workshop was to give the students an overview about the field of Carbon Composites: Therefore, following issues have been presented to more than 130 students:

  • Usage of Carbon Composites in the Industry
  • Advantages and disadvantages of CFRP (and glas too)
  • Particularities of anisotropic materials especially of fibre reinforced Materials
  • Overview about the production of Carbon Fibres
  • Overview about production processes for CFRP parts
  • Overview about recycling methods
  • Development of the production prices in the last years



Head of International Affairs, Controlling & Development

MAI Carbon


Departmental director MAI Carbon,
Deputy General Manager Carbon Composites e.V.

MAI Carbon

We also will give the Students the opportunity of some haptic experience due to different examples and learning stations. At the end the Students will have the chance to learn more about Carbon Companies at a guided tour over the fair.


Anne-Carole Barbarin
Program Director
E-mail: [email protected]

Sun-Eui Kim
Delegate Promosalons South Korea
E-mail: [email protected]