Technical Conferences


2020 Program - 3 days of high-value conferences

A unique occasion for speakers to highlight their know-how amongst key players of Asia Pacific and for the attendees to make their benchmark on the state-of-the-art composite technologies.

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All conferences will be held in English. Limited number of participants.

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If you think your company could share practices, solutions illustrating these challenges, contact our conferences team.

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Innovation Content Leader 
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Tuesday 24th November

StyLight® - aesthetic thermoplastic composite

9.00am – 9.18am – CET
5.00pm – 5.18pm – Korea Time

  • Cost-efficient solution thanks to SAN-thermoplast
  • Meeting Automotive interior specifications
  • Surface quality close to the Class-A standard

Speakers: Andreas Kolf, Business Development Manager Composites (INEOS Styrolution Group GmbH) / Jaehee Lee, Sales Manager of Specialty Product (INEOS Styrolution Korea Ltd.)

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Carbon fiber reinforced UD sheet with Polypropylene matrix (TAFNEX™)

9.18am – 9.36am – CET
5.18pm – 5.36pm – Korea Time

  • Light weight and good mechanical property
  • New polyolefin-based sizing agent for carbon fiber improve the fiber matrix adhesion
  • CFPP UD sheet show good processability

Speakers: Dr Takeharu ISAKI, Research Fellow, Functional Materials Laboratory, R&D Center (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

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PEEK/CNT nanocomposite fibers

9.36am – 9.54am – CET
5.36pm – 5.54pm – Korea Time

  • Interfacial interaction
  • PEEK-based thermoplastic nanocomposites
  • Stress transfer efficiency

Speakers: Pr. Han Gi Chae, Associate Professor, UNIST

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Tailoring lightweight solutions based on UD-tapes

9.54am – 10.12am – CET
5.54pm – 6.12pm – Korea Time

Speakers: Mathias Mühlbacher, Deputy Head of Plastics Team leader Composites, Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH

Innovative application technology of composites using thermoplastic epoxy resin

10.12am – 10.30am – CET
6.12pm – 6.30pm – Korea Time

  • Introduction Composites United e.V. – the major global lightweight solutions network
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) market
  • Thermoplastic resin in carbon composites (CFRTP)
  • Recycling of CFRTP
  • The role of a network ‚from innovation to distribution

Speakers: Dr. Joachim H. Henning, Director Innovation & Communication, Composites United e.V.

Wednesday 25th November

Automated manufacturing for high volume production

9.00am – 9.18am – CET
5.00pm – 5.18pm – Korea Time

  • Production of SMC parts for automotive industry
  • Production of preforms for RTM in aerospace
  • Highly flexible & efficient automations

Speakers: Michael Ochs, Director Sales & Marketing, Schmidt & Heinzmann

Cost effective bonnet manufacturing by compression resin transfer moulding

9.18am – 9.36am – CET
5.18pm – 5.36pm – Korea Time

  • Case Study: Composite Carbon Bonnet
  • Now produced in prepreg material and autoclave
  • Challenge to produce in RTM variant, faster and robust manufacturing process

Speakers: Estibalitz Arregi Alkorta, Composites Business Unit Manager (FAGOR ARRASATE)

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Processing of Tapes and Moulding at equal Pace

9.36am – 9.54am – CET
5.36pm – 5.54pm – Korea Time

  • Processing of thermoplastic composite tapes
  • Functionalization by injection moulding
  • Fully automated production

Speakers: Gu-Youn Kim, Head of Application Engineering (ENGEL MACHINERY KOREA LTD.), Dr Norbert Müller, Head of Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies (ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH)

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Virtual development of hydrogen storage units

9.54am – 10.12am – CET
5.54pm – 6.12pm – Korea Time

  • Virtual CAE chain to support product development
  • Verification of manufacturability
  • Validation of structural performance

Speakers: Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Fengler, Managing Director (SIMUTENCE GmbH)

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Structural subframe for a battery electric

10.12am – 10.30am – CET
6.12pm – 6.30pm – Korea Time

  • Lightweight design
  • Continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics
  • Battery electric vehicle

Speakers: Tristan Timmel, Technical Development and Engineering Plastics (thermoPre ENGINEERING GmbH); Dr Simon Schneider, Project Manager Corporate Advanced Engineering Mechatronics (CRA1.1.1), (MAHLE International GmbH)

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Thursday 26th November

Zero emissions sailing ship fitted with FRP wing sail

9.30am – 9.50am – CET
5.30pm – 5.50pm – Korea Time

  • Zero emission and highly efficient propulsion
  • A sailing ship that generates hydrogen
  • Large composite telescopic rigid sail

Speakers: Dr. Kazuyuki Ouchi, CEO (Ouchi Ocean Consultant Inc.)

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High-rate capable composites will be a game changer for next-generation mobility

9.50am – 10.10am – CET
5.50pm – 6.10pm – Korea Time

  • Trend for high rate and high volume production is present across markets
  • Fast cure prepreg and automation make composites cost competitive with metal
  • Deep application knowledge enables customers to increase design flexibility, improve productivity and reduce total costs while not compromising structural performance

Speakers: Dr. Kingsley Ho, New Market / Application Manager, Customer Engineering (Solvay), . Kyu Hong Lee, New Material Dept. / Team Manager, ABC INDUSTRY

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Machine tools 4.0 for a new mobility

10.10am – 10.30am – CET
6.10pm – 6.30pm – Korea Time

  • Machine tools in the processing of composite materials
  • Light vehicles
  • New technologies for the processing of materials

Speakers: Walter Giuliani, Sales Director (COMI S.p.A), Nicol Valtolina, Marketing Manager (COMI S.p.A)

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Advanced Composites enable Future Mobility Solutions: Lightweight to Elevate

10.30am – 10.50am – CET
6.30pm – 6.50pm – Korea Time

Speakers: Raoul Starmans, Commercial Director APAC (Toray Advanced Composites)

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Structural CFRP components for railway vehicles

10.50am – 11.10am – CET
6.50pm – 7.10pm – Korea Time

  • Novel CFRP bogie frame for railway vehicles
  • 50 % mass saving compared to metallic design
  • Automated, reproducible manufacturing technologies

Speakers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ulbricht, Managing director (CG Rail GmbH), Mr Christian Holz, Project manager (CG Rail GmbH)

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