Exhibitor Profile

Who's exhibiting at JEC Korea?

Top exhibitors activities

  • Raw material producers
  • Raw Materials & Intermediates Manufacturing Equipment Producer
  • Composite Part Manufacturing & Testing Equipment Producer
  • Producer of Consumables used with Manufacturing Equipment
  • Producer of Fiber Based Textile Intermediates
  • Producer of Fiber/Resin Based Semi-Finished Intermediates E.g. Prepreg
  • Producer Of Other Semi-Finished Intermediates E.g. Standard Pro-ducts For Machining
  • Software Supplier for Design and/or Manufacturing
  • Distributors, Agents, Representatives
  • Composite Parts Producer by Process
  • Composite Parts Producer by Specialty
  • Recycler of Composite Raw Materials, Intermediates & Finished Parts
  • Associations, Third Parties, Services & Consultants
  • Composites End-Users & Integrators by Industry

Top 10 of the exhibitors applications sectors

Automotive & Road Transportation

Industrial Equipment


Building & Construction

Defense, Security & Ballistics

Sports, Leisure & Recreation (excl. Marine)

Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

Electrical & Electronics

Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure

Medical & Prosthetics

Medical & Prosthetics